Best Spinner Luggage Sets of 2020

If you’re in the market for a new set of wheeled luggage, you’ll notice that wheeled suitcases roll in one of two ways. Some luggage gets pulled behind you on two wheels (called “inline” luggage). Other luggage rolls beside you on four wheels (called “spinner” luggage). Many experienced travelers choose spinner luggage. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best spinner luggage sets available and how to make the wisest choice.
(If you’re in a hurry, our favorite spinner set is the Samsonite Omni.)

Our top picks for 2020:

Why choose spinner wheels?

Wheeled luggage comes in two options: two wheels (“inline”) or four wheels (“spinner”). Spinner wheels are quite popular. There are several things to consider when deciding for or against spinner wheels.

Pros & cons of spinner wheels

Spinner wheels benefit your suitcase. Spinner wheels make your bag easy to roll in all directions. Heavy or oversize bags become easy to move. You can even roll your bag with one hand, which is a plus when you have your hands full of other things. And, the four wheels stabilize the suitcase so that the top of the bag is level, allowing you to load a smaller bag on top.

On the flip side, spinner wheels come with a few potential issues. You’ll need to make sure your suitcase doesn’t roll away on a hill. And if you stack too many items on top of your suitcase, it might topple over. Also, the bulky wheels can make it challenging to fit the suitcase into an overhead bin.

upright spinner suitcase in an empty room casting a shadow

spinner wheels Vs. inline wheels

Even though they don’t roll in every direction like spinner wheels, inline wheels can be better in some situations. Inline wheels can handle curbs and bumpy terrain, while spinner wheels might struggle. And while spinner wheels are a better choice for heavy bags, a small suitcase should perform fine with inline wheels.

Ultimately, one type of wheels isn’t better than the other. You can choose depending on your needs. But spinner wheels are the type that usually come on more expensive luggage sets.

How to choose the best spinner set

If you’ve decided that you want to go with spinner wheels on your luggage set, you have narrowed down your options a bit. But there are still so many things to consider! Here are a few of the features you will need to decide on.

Suitcase material: hardside or softside?

Hardside suitcases are made of ABS, polycarbonate (PC), PET, or aluminum. Hardside suitcases of good quality have rigid sides to protect your belongings. If made with inferior materials, beware – they may crack with rough handling. This would defeat the purpose of a hardside suitcase! A hardside suitcase tends to be heavier than a softside, so check how much the suitcase weighs.

Softside suitcases are made of some type of fabric, usually synthetic. Their flexible sides allow them to expand a bit so you can squeeze a few more things in to your bag. But softside suitcases might not protect items as well as hardside suitcases. Though a risky choice if you’re checking your bag, softside suitcases are great for car travel or carry on. They are also easier to cram into an overhead bin than hardside suitcases.

Hardside or softside – which is best? One type of material isn’t innately better than another. You will need to decide whether hardside or softside material works better for you.

If you still aren’t sure which to choose, take a look at this video. Although a bit lengthy, this video helps to explain the pros and cons of each type of material. 

Suitcase quality: built to last?

You should try to determine how durable the bags you’re considering are. If a bag seems well made and durable, it will probably last longer than a flimsy one. If you are shopping online and can’t examine them in person, spend some time learning what other users say about them. 

You’ll notice that we mention that some of the suitcases that we recommend tend to break. We would still recommend these suitcases, but suggest that you test them out before traveling with them.

Handles are a common weak point with suitcases. Make sure the telescoping handle (the one you will use to roll the suitcase) is sturdy. Also consider the number and quality of the handles you will use to lift your bag.

One more feature you need to check is the wheels. Not all spinner wheels are good quality. Check that they are durable and roll easily so you don’t end up with a wheel falling off on its first trip.

Suitcase Features: Is it right for you?

One of the first things you will notice about a bag is its appearance. Looks aren’t everything, but if you plan to use your bag for years, of course you want to like it. You can find bags in lots of different colors, patterns, and designs to fit your personal style. A bright color might also help you identify your bag in a group.

You’ll also want to decide if the locks on the bag, or the lack thereof, meet your needs. Built-in locks are usually TSA approved, which are valuable if your bags get searched. Some suitcases have separate standard locks, which work great as long as you keep track of your keys. One potential problem is that if TSA cuts your standard locks, you’ll need to replace them. If your bags don’t come with locks, you can always add your own.

One more thing to consider is the organizational features, such as straps, zippered sections, and pockets. This is especially important if you plan to live out of your suitcase while traveling. You can always add packing cubes later, but a solid starting point is a plus.

The Best Spinner Sets of 2020

Best basic hardside set: Coolife Hardside

The Coolife hardside set includes three hardside spinner bags in 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches.


The bags are made of 100% ABS, which is “anti scratch,” durable, and lightweight. Available colors range from neutral to bright. Each bag has an ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle. They do not have an expanding feature, which is an obvious deficiency but not a defect. They come with built in TSA compatible locks for your security. Most customers have reported to be satisfied with them, especially for light travel. The weakest link in the set seems to be the 28 inch bag, which sometimes breaks. The set comes with a two year warranty and users say customer service is helpful.


  • Lightweight
  • Wheels are durable and roll easily
  • Two year limited warranty and helpful customer service
  • Interior zippered divider and compression straps help to secure items
  • Built in TSA compatible locks


  • Some bags crack or wheels break break before they should, especially 28 inch bag
  • Zippers and seams are a weak point.
  • Handles sometimes break, especially 28 inch bag
  • No expanding feature
  Height Width Depth Weight Capacity
20 inch 22.5″ 15.5″ 9.25″ 6.3 lbs 38 L
24 inch 26.5″ 18.25″ 10.25″ 7.9 lbs 60 L
28 inch 30.25″ 20.75″ 11.75″ 10 lbs 93 L

——— Check the price on Amazon ———

Best softside set: Coolife Softshell

The Coolife softshell luggage set includes three softside spinner bags in 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches.


The bags are made of “better than polyester” 1680D oxford cloth in several color options. They each have a telescoping handle. The bags do not have an expanding feature or locks. Most reviewers endorse these bags for the design, organizing features, and great quality. Many report that they hold up well even when checked. Some users had issues with the 28 inch suitcase breaking. But the two year warranty lends confidence in your purchasing decision.


  • Very lighweight
  • Durable, smooth spinner wheels
  • Side carry handle for lifting
  • Two year warranty
  • Durable
  • Organizing features include interior straps, zippered divider, and two front pockets.


  • 28 inch bag has issues with wheels breaking and zipper tearing
  • Does not have expanding feature
  • No locks included
  • Wheels make nesting the bags challenging
  Height Width Depth Weight Capacity
20 inch 23″ 15″ 9.5″ 6.9 lbs 30 L
24 inch 28.5″ 17″ 11″ 8.25 lbs 60 L
28 inch 31.5″ 19″ 14″ 9.62 lbs 93 L

——— Check the price on Amazon ———

Best budget set: Showkoo Expandable Hardside

The Showkoo expandable hardside luggage set includes three spinner bags in 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches.

The suitcases are made of poly-carbonate and ABS, making them durable and lightweight. The textured finish, which helps prevent scratches, comes in several color choices. The spinner wheels roll smoothly with lubricating balls inside and soft TPU outside. The adjustable aluminum telescoping handle allows easy maneuvering. The 24 inch and 28 inch bags expand for 20% more capacity (the 20 inch bag does not expand). There is a side mounted TSA compatible lock. You can organize items with the full-zip interior divider, pockets, and cross straps. The bags have two reinforced carry handles that are padded with TPU, making lifting easier on your hands. Showkoo luggage backs their suitcases with a 2 year worldwide warranty.

Users say these perform better than expected and are a great value for the money. Customers compare them to more expensive name brand luggage. But these affordable bags are prone to manufacturing defects. Some users claim the bags broke upon the first use, so you might want to test these out on a short trip first.


  • Great value for the price
  • Very lightweight
  • Wheels spin smoothly and are durable
  • 2 year warranty, helpful customer service
  • Zippers and seams usually hold up, even when the bags are full
  • Roomy interior with helpful pockets and dividers


  • Some users have zippers and locks break on first use
  • Some users had issues with the wheels not rolling well, or only two wheels working
  • Suitcase size is not standard. If flying, check dimensions with airline
  • Sometimes dent and crack more than other brands with rough handling
  Height Width Depth Weight Capacity
20 inch 22.4″ 15.3″ 8.66″ 6 lbs 38 L
24 inch 25.98″ 17.7″ 10.6″ 7.76 lbs 60 L
28 inch 30.3″ 20.47″ 12.59″ 10.3 lbs 93 L

——— Check the price on Amazon ———

Best mid-range expandable set: Samsonite Omni

The Samsonite Omni luggage set comes with three hardside spinner suitcases in 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches.


These suitcases are made of scratch-resistant micro-diamond poly-carbonate in many color choices. They have oversize multi-directional spinner wheels and a push-button retracting handle. They are expandable for more storage. Each bag comes with a side-mounted TSA compatible lock. Interior divider and cross straps help organize your items. The luggage set comes with a 10 year limited warranty. Although this is not the fanciest luggage set you can buy, users generally like it as it is reliable and well made.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Strong handle
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Durable enough for frequent traveling


  • 28 inch bag easily exceeds weight limit
  • No side or bottom carry handles (only top handle)
  • Has minimal interior organizing features
  • Poly-carbonate occasionally cracks, scratches, and scuffs
  Height Width Depth Weight
20 inch 19″ 14.5″ 9.75″ 6.81 lbs
24 inch 24″ 17.5″ 11.5″ 8.34 lbs
28 inch 28.5″ 20.5″ 13.5″ 10.35 lbs

——— Check the price on Amazon ———

Best eco-friendly (PET) set: Merax PET

The Merax PET luggage set comes with three hardside spinner bags in 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches.


These suitcases are made of strong, eco-friendly material called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is non-toxic and resists stress, extreme temperatures, and UV radiation. The manufacturer claims the suitcases have tested well under intense pressure and rough handling. They come in many colors with a texture that disguises scuffs and scratches. The suitcases maneuver easily with quiet spinner wheels and an adjustable telescoping handle. These bags do not expand. You can stay organized with a hidden pocket and a zippered compartment. The sturdy side handles have cushioned bottoms for comfort and metallic “terminals” for durability. Perhaps the biggest complaint with these bags is the built-in combination lock. The lock is not TSA compliant, so if the TSA needs to cut your lock, your bag becomes useless. Additionally, the locks sometimes get stuck, forcing users to cut the zipper. If you plan to travel where a bag search is unnecessary, the locks may not be an issue, but this is something to be aware of. Merax offers a 5 year worldwide warranty.


  • Attractive color options
  • Lightweight
  • Quality smooth wheels
  • Padded side handle
  • 5 year warranty
  • Durable, showing only expected wear and tear


  • Many users reported the zipper breaking on the first few uses, rendering the bag useless
  • Inside organizers are rather low quality
  • Corners tend to dent in with rough handling
  • Note: Built in locks are not TSA approved and sometimes get stuck
  Height, inc. wheels Height, w/o wheels Width Depth Weight
20 inch 21″ 19″ 13″ 7″ 5.7 lbs
24 inch 25″ 23″ 16″ 10″ 7.4 lbs
28 inch 30.5″ 27″ 18″ 11″ 9.4 lbs

——— Check the price on Amazon ———

Best affordable fashion set: American Tourister Moonlight

The American Tourister Moonlight luggage set comes with three hardside spinner bags in 21 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches.


These bags are made of polycarbonate and ABS material and come in many colorful prints. The oversized spinner wheels and push-button aluminum handle provide easy mobility. All three bags expand 1.5 inches. The bags do not include locks, so you may need to supply your own. Top and side carry handles are a helpful feature. You can organize your bag with the mesh divider, compression straps, and modesty pocket. Users often comment on the surprising amount they can pack in the spacious interior. Owners say these suitcases look great and function as expected. One flaw is that when the bag scratches (and it will), the exterior becomes less attractive. American Tourister offers a 10 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Affordable, high quality, great design
  • Lightweight
  • Wheels roll well
  • Telescoping handle holds up despite feeling flimsy
  • 10 year warranty for defects
  • Sturdy, resists denting (but does scratch; see cons)
  • Roomy interior with organizers to secure items
  • Expands for more storage


  • Scratches and scuffs easily (marble design shows scratches the least)
  • Chemical smell upon receipt that dissipates with airing out
  • Rarely, issues with wheels sticking, carry handles breaking, and zippers breaking
  Height Width Depth Weight
21 inch 20″ 14″ 9″ 7.5 lbs
24 inch 24″ 16″ 11″ 9.3 lbs
28 inch 29.25″ 19.5″ 12.5″ 11 lbs

——— Check the price on Amazon ———

Our Choice

Out of all the spinner luggage sets we reviewed, we think the Samsonite Omni set is the clear winner. Though not the flashiest luggage set on the market, it gets your stuff from one place to another without a fuss. Some of the luggage sets we reviewed struggle with consistency: a defective bag or two and you might end up in a pickle. In contrast, the Samsonite Omni set should be reliable for many years. Plus, the 10-year limited warranty helps reassure travelers. We especially love the TSA-approved locks and durable wheels and zippers.

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